There are many ways to prepare a meat marinade for Moorish skewers, the range is very wide in terms of seasonings. Different spices can be applied, it can be flavored with wine or other liquors, different types of meat can be used. In any case, there are some constants for the preparation of any meat to make a good Moorish skewer.

When we prepare a marinade for any food there is a common denominator, the maceration time of that product to absorb the aromas and flavors of the condiments that make up that marinade.

Initially the marinades were made only with salt and vinegar, it was more about preserving the food than adding flavor, something that also happened, later paprika was introduced as a flavoring element, today there are many ingredients that are They add up to a good marinade, and this is due to the internationalization of this technique that, originally, began in Spain, and more specifically in Castile.

The advantages of making a good marinade are many, the meat becomes sweeter, juicier, the fibers soften and it fills with flavors that we add with spices, citrus fruits and the extra virgin olive oil itself. We also gain in conservation time, we extend the useful life, it allows us to prepare quantities with which we are going to be able to play, in the hotel industry this becomes a great advantage because we can have a precooked remnant to store and serve at any time.

A good skewer of Moorish skewer combined with other ingredients is a good option to have on the menu of our restaurant, if it is seasoned with a suitable garnish it allows us to offer an original and quality option for our customers.

Ingredients for Moorish skewer

-Extra virgin olive oil



-Sweet paprika 

-Spicy paprika





-Meat cut into cubes of about 3 cms

We can use the meat that we like the most, in this case we have used pork, from the loin part, but we can use lamb meat, veal meat, chicken meat, turkey meat, in short, it is a matter of taste .

To start our recipe we are going to cut the garlic and onion into very small pieces, as much as we can, we are going to place them in a mortar, I personally like to mash them with a mortar by hand, but it can also be done with a processor a food processor, blender, or food processor.

At the moment of mashing we can add the salt that we need and it will be mixed properly, later we put the lemon juice, the coriander, the sweet paprika and the hot pepper, without abusing the spicy, the pepper with the grinder so that it has everything its aroma and finally a good splash of extra virgin olive oil.

Well, we already have our marinade for pinchos morunos or pinchitos, now we prepare a lunch box and put the pork tacos and the marinade and put them in the tuper, beat well with the lid or stir with a wooden spoon, we want the marinade bathe any corner of our pieces of meat. We have already made sure that everything is well coated and we are going to put the lid on and put it in the fridge, after twelve hours our Moorish skewers will be ready to be skewered.

We can make them grilled, grilled or even in the oven, I can assure you that this meat preparation is delicious, the meat becomes juicier, the flavors are enhanced, it can be accompanied with a multitude of side dishes.

It is a very easy to prepare delicacy that will make us enjoy a genuinely Mediterranean cuisine.