A good prawn skewer presented on a hanging skewer rack

On this occasion we are going to make a skewer recipe dedicated to prawns. A very simple way to bring a simple product to the table but at the same time tasty by itself.

It is going to be a very simple recipe, and in reality it is not just a recipe for prawn skewers, it is also about dressing it with a base of mussels with green sauce that will make us dip bread.

At the end of this recipe we are going to verify that doing things in a striking way gives us the possibility of presenting an attractive offer on the table that will attract attention due to its visual impact.









-Chilli peppers

-White wine



-Extra virgin olive oil

preparation mode

We proceed to wash the mussels, we are going to remove the remains of algae that they may have, they are pulled and passed through water, now we proceed to cook the mussels, we will do it until they are wide open and we will proceed to drip a little with white wine, we can also add a little lemon.

When they are already cooked we are going to remove them and reserve, we are going to use the broth later for our sauce.

For the green sauce we are going to cut the garlic into very small pieces, the smaller the better. We prepare a frying pan or casserole with a little extra virgin oil and brown the garlic, now, after chopping the onion also into small cubes, we are going to add it to the garlic to poach for a long time until it is well cooked.

We add a splash of white wine and let the alcohol evaporate, now we add the coriander and parsley, generously, hence the name of green sauce. We are going to add the broth of the mussels, at this moment is when we will add a tablespoon of flour to thicken, if we observe that it is too thick we can add broth to leave to our liking. If I will say that you have to be careful with the flour and try to put the right amount, half a tablespoon can be a good option.

Once the flour has boiled, we are ready to put the mussels in the sauce and we will have our plate of mussels in green sauce.

Now we are going for the prawns, this is really simple, we are only going to have to put a griddle and we are going to prepare the base with a splash of extra virgin oil, place the prawns and season, I prefer coarse salt for this task, round and round and done.

brochetas de langostinos

We present our prawns on the skewer support inserted in the skewer for the skewer, at the base of the support we put a pan or plate for the mussels and take it out to the table.

We are going to surprise diners with a dish that causes a great visual effect, and it is also delicious, I can assure you.