Today we have let our imagination fly and we wanted to go around the world, we have stopped in Italy. What is it about Italy that we all love and is delicious?... Exactly, pizza.

A pizza skewer seems impossible but it is not, we have set ourselves the challenge and we want to offer our customers this fresh and alternative idea.

First we are going to entertain ourselves in making a good pizza dough and then create the portions for our hanging skewers or, rather, our hanging pizzas.



400 grams of flour

200 ml of warm water

50 ml of extra virgin olive oil

25 grams of fresh yeast

10 grams of salt

Go for it. Put the flour in a bowl, make it strong if possible, add the warm water first, pinch the fresh yeast (if we don't have fresh we can use 10 grams of dry yeast) add it too and finally, the salt and the oil extra virgin.

We are kneading stirring to give texture to the dough, we will do it until we appreciate that it does not stick to our hands and for this we add the flour that it needs.

Once well kneaded we are going to let it rest for half an hour or an hour if the room temperature is low. Knead again to remove the air and lean as we please, divide into the necessary portions and keep the excess with a film in the fridge.

Now onto the stuffing for our hanging pizza skewers.

We are going to fill with the ingredients that we want but we are going to have some common ingredients for pizza that we are going to always use, these ingredients will be mozzarella, fried tomato, basil, oregano and of course, our pizza dough for skewers

masa de pizza para brocheta de pizza

pizza dough for pizza skewer

Make a ball of about 3 or 4 centimeters with the pizza dough, flatten it on the marble with flour so that it does not stick, put the tomato and mozzarella base, add a little oregano and then place a slice of cheese of curly goat, then we add an anchovy and, if we want, we put a basil leaf. We close the pizza dough by making a ball again, but this time it has the ingredients inside. We thread it on our skewer skewer and proceed to make another ball with other ingredients. This time I have chosen Roquefort cheese, anchovies and capers. We can put the ingredients that we like the most, they can also be made with salami, bacon, vegetables... The choice of ingredients is to taste.

When inserting the pizza balls on the skewers for skewers, it will be like this, in the oven previously heated to 220 degrees we are going to put the skewers with a flour base, we must place them on a tray if we do not want them to be lower the balls with the heat, once baked they will no longer come off the skewer.

Pinchos para brochetas de pizza

They will take about 15 minutes to cook, it will also depend on the ingredients that we place inside the balls.

pizza skewer

brocheta de pizza

The appearance lives up to its delicious intake, we have been left with a very original and tasty skewer recipe. Children will surely love it, since pizza is increasingly present in our kitchen.